Calm Momma, Calm Baby - Copy

Becoming a mother is an emotional journey best navigated with the support of other women and mothers. Even if you have more than one child, moms know each child is different and knowing how to support your baby’s changing needs is difficult especially when you’re facing the challenges of poverty, racism, household with substance abuse, violence and neglect.  This is one safe place to find the encouragement and support moms need.

We provide a weekly support group in both Spanish and English.  This is a space for new moms and experienced moms to learn that they are truly not alone in their experiences. Women gain invaluable information and support from each other in these groups.

To register or for more information contact:

For English Speaking group-

Connie Milligan, LMFT 510-412-9237 or

*Groups are currently being offered via video sessions during the       current COVID-19 crisis.*