Early Childhood Mental Health Program

Due to COVID-19 our offices are closed
but we continue to provide telehealth support.
Please contact 510-412-9200 or OfficeAdmin@ecmhp.org with questions.

A Message From Our Leadership

ECMHP is an organization that works to support the most vulnerable in our community. We feel that it is our responsibility and obligation, to confirm that racism in all its forms, challenges and opposes our values, beliefs, and mission as an agency. We believe that every child has a right to be loved, cared for, and treated with respect regardless of the color of their skin, immigration status, religion, gender, social status, or abilities. We are committed to supporting adults to make this world a better and more just place for young children to grow up happy and healthy.
For support talking to very young children about racism and violence please see this article from Zero to Three.
 A Message From Our Leadership