Keeping Families Together

Keeping Families Together (KFT) is made up of a variety of support groups, parenting workshops, and family engagement activities that promote strong family ties that are the building blocks for healthy families. Participant families will be given hands on support and strategies to increase the positive reciprocal interactions with their children, learn positive parenting skills, and given opportunities to engage lovingly with their children and spend quality time together.


Family Enrichment Nights

Tuesday Nights: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Family Enrichment provides dinner and a fun family oriented activity every Tuesday night.  Participation in these fun family activities focuses on the relationship between the parents/guardians and their children. Parents or guardians help their children to develop the abilities they will need to form nurturing, loving and safe attachment relationships. It is through play that children understand their environment. Our team will support parents to create a tool box for how to play with their young children.

Family Enrichment Activities promote communication, strong family ties and teamwork as building blocks for healthy families. Family Enrichment Activities provide a safe place for parents to participate in organized play with their children to develop trust, emotional regulation, and supports parents to experience joy in connection with their children. We have found that the more a parent is able to experience joy with their child, the more able they are to access flexibility in their discipline style.


Calm Momma, Calm Baby - New Moms Support Group

Facilitator: Connie Mulligan, LMFT – English


Ser Papa, Being Dad

Facilitator:  Sami Qreini, LCSW – English