Jeffrey Sloan, MS, MBA

Executive Director

Sami Qreini, LCSW

Clinical Director

Shereen Khan-Amrikani, MA, LMFT

Director of Administration

Shereen Khan-Amrikani, LMFT, joined Early Childhood Mental Health Program (ECMHP) as a Child and Family Therapist in 2016, was promoted to Katie-A Program Director in 2017, and subsequently joined the Senior Leadership Team in 2018. As Director of Administration at ECMHP, Shereen is experienced in behavioral health leadership and administration of clinical programs, contract utilization management, quality assurance, billing functions, clinical supervision, and staff training and development. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), Shereen currently serves youth, adults, couples, and families in her private practice (

Samantha Watson - Alvarado, LMFT

Director of Mental Health Programs

Lawrence Burke

Finance Director

Nancy Ruiz

Consumer Data Supervisor

LaReisha Trapps

Quality Assurance Specialist

Angelica Sanchez

Billing Specialist

Maria Lopez

Billing Clerk

Vanice Robinson

Executive Assistant

Reni Taylor

CTP Program Manager

Isa Diaz

Part-Time Bilingual Therapeutic Teacher

Cynteria Ragler

Therapeutic Teacher

Mary Lynn Sasso, MS

Part-Time Therapeutic Teacher

Tiara Reed

Therapeutic Teacher

Ilse Ontiveros, DMHW

Full-Time Bilingual Therapeutic Teacher

Juliane Kowski, LCAT, MT-BC, MA

Program Manager

Juliane is a board certified music therapist and licensed creative arts therapist (NY) with 25 years of experience working with children and adults with anxiety and/or depression due to stress, life changes, trauma, grief and loss and LD's. She is the the program manager and lead mental health consultant for "Child Care Solutions" at ECMHP. Juliane also is the founder of "Musicconnects", a private practice where she provides music therapy to children, adults, and families. She is a clinical supervisor for the "Blended Learning Program for Analytical Music Therapy" at Molly College, NY, and her work has been published in a variety of teaching publications in the field of Music Therapy. In her spare time Juliane writes, records, and produces her own music and performs.

Luz Castineiras, MA

Bilingual Mental Health Consultant

Jeanette Williams, MA

Keeping Families Together Program Manager and Wrap Family Partner

AnaMaria Rullier

Bilingual Family Partner

Sally Lowder, LCSW

Preschool Mental Health Program Manager

Luisa Orozco Solorzano, LMFT

Bilingual Assessment Therapist

Gabby Vargas, MA, IFECTMHP

Preschool Mental Health Consultant

Maria del Carmen (Maca) Vega Rodriguez, AMFT

Bilingual Preschool Mental Health Consultant

Angelica Pruyn, LCSW

Bilingual Child and Family Therapist, Clinical Supervisor

Carolina Lucero-Funes, LMFT

Bilingual Child and Family Therapist

Cecilia De Rubira, LMFT

Bilingual Child and Family Therapist, Clinical Supervisor

Connie Milligan, LMFT

Child and Family Therapist, Clinical Supervisor

Emily Peck, LCSW

Child and Family Therapist

Suzanne Harkless, LCSW

Child and Family Therapist

Faryn Hart, ASW

Child and Family Therapist

Faryn comes to this work as a horticultural therapist who has worked in gardens and forests with children and families since 2012. Faryn received their Masters of Social Work from Smith College School for Social Work in 2022 and moved back to the Bay Area to join the team at ECMHP. Before working as a therapist on the Child and Family Bond team, Faryn worked with housing insecure families in San Francisco and continues to work with incarcerated individuals at San Quentin State Prison. Her liberation lens informs her work to provide trauma-informed psychodynamic psychotherapy. As an immigrant to the United States from South Africa, she works to build healing through connection alongside advocacy work to build systems that support the needs of those who have historically been marginalized.

Heather Coleman, Ph.D

Child and Family Therapist, Clinical Supervisor

Heather Coleman is a licensed clinical psychologist in California specializing in dyadic relational play therapy with children under 7 and their families. After discovering an interest in working with young children through her training practicums, she received training in Infant-Parent and Child-Parent Psychotherapies at Children’s Hospital-Oakland in the Early Childhood Mental Health Program. She received her doctorate in clinical psychology from California School of Professional Psychology-San Francisco Bay Area Campus. As a recent graduate she joined Early Childhood Mental Health Program in Richmond. She has been a therapist at ECMHP since 2008 and a supervisor for Wraparound since 2015.

Taylor Bowman, AMFT

Child and Family Therapist

Taylor is a Colorado native who has lived in the Bay Area for five years. She has a B.A. in Music Education and her Masters in Clinical Psychology with a focus in Expressive Arts Therapy. Taylor has always loved working with children and their families as a teacher, nanny, and now a therapist. She likes to bring the arts in to all aspects of her practice. Taylor hopes to one day have a mental health agency of her own that caters directly to the BIPOC community. Her favorite color is blush, she loves to bake, and enjoy sunny days with music and friends.

Sarah Murphy, AMFT

Bilingual Child and Family Therapist

Purevsuren (Susan) Basanjav, AMFT

Bilingual Child and Family Therapist

As a bilingual (English/Mongolian) registered Associate Marriage and Family therapist with a multicultural background, I offer dyadic therapy services that are culturally sensitive, trauma-informed, and compassionate. As a first-generation immigrant, I know firsthand the impact of immigration and displacement on individuals and families. I understand the complexities of being between and a part of different cultures. The therapeutic process is vulnerable and adaptive, requiring genuineness, gentleness, and respect, especially when dealing with parent-child dynamics. My aim is to create a safe, non-judgmental, and supportive environment to help clients navigate challenges, heal from trauma, and strengthen family bonds. Embracing my multicultural background, I foster empathy and understanding to make a positive impact in the lives of those seeking my services. Ongoing professional development is key to enhancing my skills in this field.

Aaron Hume, ASW

Child and Family Therapist

Yvonne Madera-Jaffe, LMFT

Intake Coordinator

Yvonne Madera-Jaffe, LMFT, works as our Intake Coordinator ensuring smooth and efficient new client onboarding.

Claudia Benitez, LCSW

Bilingual Child and Family Therapist

Anna Cabezas, LMFT

Bilingual Child and Family Therapist, Clinical Supervisor

Paola Escobedo-Avila, LCSW

Perinatal Circle of Care Program Manager

Andrea (Deia) de Brito, AMFT

Bilingual Perinatal Therapist

MariaFe Medina-Schmiel, LMFT

Bilingual Perinatal Therapist