EARLY CHILDHOOD MENTAL HEALTH PROGRAM (ECMHP) has been providing infant/parent therapy through weekly home visits to troubled families since 1981, using a model first developed by Selma Fraiberg at the University of Michigan in the late '70's, modified to fit our demographic profile and local circumstances. The focus of treatment is the relationship between parents and their children. Therapists who visit the homes provide emotional support and developmental guidance to caregivers of young children.

We have since grown to offer a number of different services that support the relationship between a caregiver and the young child. Our guiding principle is that a parent who is listened to, respected, and supported; can do the same for the children in their care.

Mission Statement:
To foster healthy development in infants and young children who are at risk, abused, neglected, emotionally disturbed, or affected by family substance abuse, by providing comprehensive mental health treatment and early education services to them and to their families.
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